Welcome to the Team

Congratulations! You couldn’t have picked a better time to join Asea! The breakthrough of Asea is making history and sharing the product & business opportunity is so HUGE that it’s hard to put into words the sweet spot you are in! So welcome aboard! Our motto here is “There is nothing better than making a living while making a difference!”

Together with our business partners, we are all committed to helping as many people as possible experience life changes in their wellness with Asea. You are part of the Chuck & Tammi Gates Team and together we are dedicated to getting you off to a great start! We have a passion to help you receive bonus checks from Asea as big as your dream will take you.

We want to help you make sure that you have your business


First, check your website and make sure your visitors can find you! Type “yourusername”.teamasea.com into your web browser and make sure that you can see your name come up in the top center of your website. Make sure that it appears like you want it to; this is your billboard to the world! The most common mistakes new associates make here is that they don’t start their names with capital letters like we learned in school or that they don’t send direct links to this website so their visitors end up surfing on the wrong websites. We suggest that you try this right away and phone us if you have a problem!


Check to make sure you are scheduled to receive your Autoship correctly. Do not miss out getting your amazing product story because you ran out of Asea! Do not allow your business account to go “inactive” and lose valuable volume or commissions. We recommend doing your own Case Study of AT LEAST 90 days of Autoship to gauge your own personal results. It’s important to note that you don’t have to wait for a product result in order to start earning bonuses. Many Asea users have earned thousands of dollars during their own case studies! You will earn Loyalty Reward Points for your Autoship as well that you can spend on Product and Tools!

Back Office

Log into your back office with your user name and password. The tiny “Log In” link is to the right of the American/International  flag at the top right of the page. Spend some time looking around here. You can’t hurt or change anything and there is all the info you need for your business. We recommend that you scroll over My Tools and click on Library to find videos, pdf’s, and company info on promotions among loads of other valuable info.
Realizing WHY you are embarking on an Asea business and recognizing what your VISION is for your own personal Asea journey are two key stops on your journey to success.

Email your sponsor

We recommend that within the next 48 hours that you write an email to your sponsor and include this:

Are you looking to

i)   Pay for Product,
ii)  Part Time Income,
iii) Full Time Income,
iv) Big Time Income?

What is your WHY for your goals? How much time a week would you like to invest?
Next, we’d like to put in a good word for you to watch a great video clip hosted by our business partner Triple Diamond Alan Noble.

It provides excellent startup training and great compensation plan basics. You can find this training at: www.amazingmolecules.com . Scroll down to find the COMPENSATION PLAN links.

During the Compensation Plan training you will learn about becoming “Binary Qualified”. This means starting your Right side team and your Left side team by enrolling your first two associates who activate their account by ordering a case of Asea. If you accomplish this step with your first two commission weeks (our weeks end every Friday at midnight EST) You will earn an extra $50 bonus! This is IN ADDITION to the other Fast Start Bonus’s and Team Commissions you will earn.

List & Launch!

Two important tools to jumpstart your business will be your LIST and your LAUNCH. Go on a scavenger hunt for names to put on your list. Christmas Card Lists, Old yearbooks, Email contact lists, Facebook friends – everyone counts! Aim for 100 names or more. Divide them into 2 groups: Local and Long Distance.

A BUSINESS LAUNCH or a Grand Opening is an event that you host and your sponsor comes to help! Send a hard copy invitation and then reach out with a personal phone call to invite and share your excitement. Let your friends and family know about your new business and how much it means to you for them to be there. Invite them to bring a friend. Use an Asea DVD at your Launch to tell the Asea story. Spend the rest of your Launch telling product and business stories, answering questions,  & telling about the different Getting Started Packs with your guests. Then set up Enrollment Appointments. This is a 20 minute block of time where you can get on the phone together and answer any questions and walk through the Enrollment Process with them.

Tools of the Trade

Also, check out the “Tools of the Trade” tab. It has all the important phone numbers, webinars, and websites. We are looking forward to hearing your voice on the M-F Charge Up Call that is the infrastructure for training and support for this team. As you can see it is Live, Recorded, and Archived on the internet at www.ChargeUpCall.com

ASEA Cruise-330Connect with us..

We, Chuck and Tammi, would like to invite you to connect with us. Fill out the info form at the Connect With Us tab in order to be included in their newsletter database. Learning the skill of passing on important information and timely announcements is one of the strongest Network Marketing strengths that we can have. Our business is made up of moving people from event to event and emails are the best way! Also we invite you to join our Facebook Group for this team. Simply type Dream.Struggle.Victory into your Facebook search bar and join the group! This is your place for you to recognize your team and be recognized for your own accomplishments!

We are looking forward to hearing about your really cool results with our amazing product and company – ASEA.
And we are excited to begin our business journey together!

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