The 5 Core Principles of Self Leadership


The 5 Core Principles of Self Leadership
How to Lead Yourself Successfully

Think of your life as a mixed and varied organization. You are in the business of living. Your business consists of a career and managing the associated workloads, opportunities, and challenges.

Your business also consists of managing a home and its maintenance. The people living within your home? Yes, your business includes managing their needs, from the school and recreational needs of your children to the social and emotional needs of spouses.

When you think about it, you are the CEO of a rather diversified enterprise. Any such business requires capable leadership. Interestingly, however, we rarely think about self-leadership. We focus so intently on the tasks of each of our enterprises that we rarely stand back and survey how we’re managing them–and ourselves. When it comes to our lives, we can be great workers and not such great managers.

To become a Top Achiever, you need to become a Top Self Leader. To be Self led. Self regulated. And Self coached. You can lead yourself to success.

    Take 100% Responsibility.

    Never be the victim. Look for Victim Language in your head.
    Control your Self-Talk.

    “You are either the captive or
    the captain of your thoughts.”
    -Denis Waitley

    Researchers have found that the average person thinks as many as 50,000 thoughts a day. Sadly, many of those thoughts are negative. “I’ll never make it. . . I’ll never lose weight. . . It doesn’t matter what I do, nothing every works out for me.” This is what psychologists call victim language. Victim language actually keeps you in a victim state of mind.

    In order to live your dreams you need to give up this victim language and start talking to yourself like a winner: “I can do it. . . I know there is a solution. . . I am smart enough and strong enough to figure this out . . Everything I eat helps me maintain my perfect weight.”

    Never blame or complain. Don’t rehearse hurts. The moment you take responsibility for 100% of everything in your life is the moment you can change and take back control of anything in your life.

    Blame determines who is at fault. Responsibility determines who is in control. Commit to change.

    Use positive Self-Talk. If you keep believing what you’ve been believing, you’ll keep achieving what you’ve been achieving.

    In order to achieve your dreams you must develop an unshakable belief in your worthiness to have what you desire – and in your ability to achieve what you set out to accomplish.

    Ultimately, you must eliminate any negative talk and control your self talk and maintain a constant state of positive expectations.


    Aim to become financially free and act accordingly.

    Can we take a time out and be real? Can we take a moment to be transparent?
    Our decision to become professional network marketers was driven by our desire to create a financial legacy for our family and to never have to stress about financial dignity again.

    We were tired of being broke and tired of having to stress over living from paycheck to “almost” paycheck, if you know what we mean.
    We never wanted to be that Network Marketer that makes big money and then winds up dead broke because of poor financial decisions
    and bad financial planning.

    Learning how to make money is only half of the equation. Learning how to keep it is the second piece of the puzzle. We forced ourselves to follow sage wisdom.
    1. Save 10%
    2. Give 10% away
    3. Educate ourselves about money.

    “IF you don’t give $1 of every $10 you earn,
    you will NEVER give $1 Million out of $10 Million you earn.”
    Tony Robbins

    If you can’t start with 10% – start with 5%, 2%, or even 1%.


    Put Fitness First.

    Eat to Win. Sleep to Win. Exercise to Win.

    The good news is that it takes longer to get out of shape than it does to get back into fit shape. You are never more than a couple of weeks away from changing your metabolism and your habits.

    Sleep is a habit and a routine. And just like any habits or routines, you can create success habits for your sleep. Keep a journal about what your current sleep habits are for two weeks. Look over your past routines and see where you can improve.

    Aim for regular bed times and early enough wake up times that you have time to yourself in the morning to eat right, read, or journal.

    At this point, most people are aware that it’s imperative to cut out
    certain bad eating habits like drinking soda or excessive sugars.

    Go back to your journal and keep track of what you eat with two columns:
    Good for Me and Not So Good for Me.
    When you do your E.O.D. quickly list the things you can remember in both columns.


    Systematize Your World.

    Put as much of your life as you can on Cruise Control.

    Have systems for everything.
    Automate your bills.
    Your calendar.
    Your travel bags.
    Your time.


    Commit to Your Processes

    Commit to the process you have planned but don’t be emotionally attached to the outcome.

    Define your process, your plan, or your steps and then commit to it. For the long haul. Then you won’t stress about one bad call or one bad meal or one bad day. Otherwise you are being emotionally attached to the short term results, not the long term goal.

    Network Marketers who produce consistent results take consistent actions. Not some actions, not little actions. Not only when you feel like it. Define your daily process, your DMO – Daily Mode of Operation and take consistent action, day in and day out, for an extended period of time. No exceptions, no exclusions, no excuses.

    Create an E.O.D. An End Of Day report where are your accountable to yourself and share it publicly!
    We perform different in front of others. We are all very much alike – it’s our habits that separate us!

    Time is the irretrievable element. The most important choices you will ever make are how you use your time. Every second counts. It’s a discipline issue. Plan your work and work your plan. Commit to posting your E.O.D. for the next 30 days!

    Before bed journal 2-3 activities for the next day. Every single night. No matter what. First on the list is: What will my Top Income Producing Activity for tomorrow be?

    Your mind is now locked and loaded! Much like an iceberg where the power and strength are often hidden below the surface, you are speaking to your mind on a sub-conscious level.
    Especially right before you sleep!
    Answers will be dished up by your mind for you.

    You don’t get what you deserve in life, you get what you negotiate! So negotiate with yourself. Lead yourself well & set up a reward for yourself. Negotiate a deal with yourself!
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