Biggest ENROLLMENT Promotion Ever!

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#1 Driver of Success: Enrollment Numbers
Your Enrollment metrics determines your Profit!

The path a new associate takes from their enrollment is very clear. First you begin to BELIEVE. You believe that the product will rock your world and that of your loved ones. So you take the second step – you ENROLL or you buy. When your belief becomes so strong due your understanding of the product and business or your own results, you then begin to SHARE. As your team follows this same process and they Believe, Enroll, & Share, then you begin to BUILD. When you begin to BUILD, your next step is to LEAD  your team and they begin to duplicate the BELIEVE, ENROLL, SHARE, BUILD, & LEAD process and Duplication Magic happens!
Get Started Today! Enrollment Opportunity!


 In order to help set you on this path to profit and success, we have just introduced our history making Enrollment Promotion lasting until the end of the year!

Ever since the beginning of this company, we have wanted to break the mold and do something no one has ever done. From the product, to Verdis & Tyler and the entire executive home office staff – we have been different. Our comp plan is different, our product is different, our ethos or corporate soul is different. Like a combination lock, setting out to do something different is a monumental task.

First of all, enrollment is the bridge between Belief and Sharing and Asea has removed any barrier to progress from Belief to Sharing with their announcement of the year end Enrollment Promotion. And so to accelerate your business into momentum, Asea has figured out how to make the experience of progressing as painless and easy as possible.

So let me ask you – is money enough to compel you to share your business and product? For many people, it isn’t. But people will do more for praises than they do for raises! A few hundred dollars seems like it would be enough, but it isn’t. It’s the DREAM! Marching through the ranks give a sense of success, of excitement, of progression and of momentum! AND that is what brings profits!

Finally, with our Enrollment Pack Promotion, advancing in rank has become Physco – Do – A – Logical! We have found the perfect balance between Rank Advancing and Money.

Running Sept 16, 2016 through January 6, 2017. Be sure to check your Back Office Library for details!


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