How to Take Great Before & After Photos


Your “BEFORE” and “AFTER” photos can be a great way to really see your skins progress and track your improvements. Here are some great tips and ideas to get the best pictures.

Here are some great tips and ideas to get the best pictures

If you’ve been a Picture Dodger your whole life, remember that you won’t have to show the pictures to anybody, if you don’t want to. So remember, you can keep your photos just for yourself!

  • As much as you might hate the thought of taking your picture, the differences you will see in your Before and After photographs will motivate you to tell others about the major changes and improvements you have gotten and help them get their own great results too. Helping other people and making a difference for others will be one of the side benefits and perks to getting your own great results!
  • Try to take your first pictures anytime between the day you first order your products and the first time you use them. Taking your BEFORE photo right after you make your first order and while you are waiting for your products to arrive gives you time to get a great shot.

    Make sure there is good lighting. While the picture does not have to be taken by a professional by any means, you will want this to be a clear picture. Natural light coming from a window or doorway is always the best. You might want to enlist the help of a family member or friend if you want to snap a picture of a hard to see area or place on your body.

  • Capture some close ups as well as a full face or section of your body. Consider getting some pictures of your lips, your eyes, the folds around your mouth; even your forehead or your neck. If you have dark spots or age spots on your hands or décolletage be sure to remember those, too.

    Take note of what time of day and location of where you took your Before photo so that you can reproduce the same environment for your After pictures.

    You can use your smartphone to take your pictures and then you can upload them to your computer or save them in an album on your phone. Label the folder or album with something like “Before & After Pictures.” Make sure the picture has a date stamp on it. I set up my file folder system like this: Pictures/Renu 28/Before and Pictures/Renu 28/After and then I made similar folders for Renu Advanced.

  • You can even print one of your Before pictures and tape it to your bathroom mirror to remind you to be consistent in using your products every morning and evening.

    Mark in your calendar the day you first started using your products and set a reminder to take 1 Week & 1 Month photos. Many folks notice some amazing results after using their products for only a short time and others take longer, but be assured – YOU WILL SEE RESULTS!

    I have my Before and After pictures on my phone, and at times skin issues will come up in conversations with friends or waitresses and I can pull out my official before/after photos and it amazes and inspires them to ask more questions. Of course, I also hand out my business cards to drum up some new business! In fact if you have some great before and after pictures you can even put them on your business cards!

    You can use a photo editing software to make one before/after picture to show friends or to post to social media.
    Pic Stitch or Pic Collage are free and simple photo editor apps that puts your two photos into one picture. You can circle areas that you want to draw attention to and put text in your photos like the dates they were taken or how much time has lapsed between the two photos.

Be sure to share your photo on social media. You can say something like, “I’m so glad I grabbed a BEFORE shot so that I can document my amazing results with Asea.” Then add a hashtag which is the # sign above the number 3 key on your keyboard. This will group any photos anyone takes in the same area on your social media sites. When you search the hashtagged word you will see all of the photos that have been listed with the same hashtag. I like to use something like #AseaResults and #BeforeandAfter or #AseaWorks

You may want to show a timeline of 3 days, 10 days, and 28 days. Renu 28 is called this name because a well known and respected dermatological research institute in Germany gave our products their 5 Star Seal Of Approval after testing them for 28 days because skin cells renew themselves every 28 days.


From a business builders perspective, sharing your Before and After photos with your prospects, your customers, and teaching your new associates to do the same will boost your business to grow. Remember a picture is worth a thousand words for a reason! As everyone is looking younger & better every day you will smile all the way to the bank! People like being involved with happy people.

So, that’s how to take great before and after photos to track your progress and results. Go ahead and take those photos—you’ll be glad you did after getting great improvements!

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  1. If I may add some suggestions by my 30 + year professional photographer husband… because “natural” light changes from hour to seasons, he recommends to go into a bathroom or closet where there is not a window, close the door and turn on the light. Every time you take another pix in this place and way, the light will always be the same! Best to stand in front of the door or wall where there is no distraction (clothes, pictures etc in the backround). THE most common observation in before and after pix is the lighting is different…looking touched up or false . Hope this helps… aloha ~

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  2. Great tips here Tammi. I suggest the best light is at sunrise or sunset so you get that beautiful orange glow. Its the magic light. We love your new website Tammi!

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