Rank Advance Your Way to Success

Rank Advancement makes it FUN!

Speed is your friend – Build fast, and you’ll build big!

To succeed in your new Relationship Marketing or Network Marketing business you need to do one essential thing and do it quickly – RANK ADVANCE!

Rank advancing makes you money and those are the number one motivators that blow away all the “you can do it” and “never give up” speeches, the self-help books and the positive thinking one liners.

When you are rank advancing, you are pumped! When money is coming in as a result of your efforts, it’s easy to put more effort in! When the checks are rolling in and your team is rank advancing nobody has to pump someone up to make another phone call or set another one on one appointment. You are self-motivated!

Rank Advancing – The Doubt Killer

Advancing in rank in your new business right away eliminates the biggest business killer – doubt! When you are moving up – you believe! You believe in your company, your products and services, and you believe in yourself!

When you believe, you take action. Nothing can stop you. Seeing your company recognize you on their websites and your uplines recognize you on their teams calls and their Facebook pages prove to you that this can work!

Building Fast is Fun

Advancing in rank fast is what catches everyone’s attention – even yours! And it’s FUN! Building your business slow is painful – it hurts! Building fast is fun because you are making money and so are the people that you introduced to your opportunity. When they are rank advancing, they are excited, motivated, and don’t need you to babysit them!

When they aren’t advancing in rank, they aren’t making money and you tend to fall into the “Pull, Push, Prod” trap and find yourself trying to “push a noodle” and motivate them.

You signed up with the company of your choice so that you could build a business that provided you with a residual income for the rest of your life. You didn’t sign up to drag people along with you. Building your Relationship Marketing business should be fun!

So, let’s make it fun right from the beginning by taking off fast and making money right away.


Network Marketing is a momentum dependent business. The very nature of this industry is that it is based on the duplication of your own efforts. In order to achieve leverage of your time, effort and activity, you must get things moving in your business and get them moving rapidly.

Starting your business closely resembles what a pilot has to do to get a jet plane up to cruising altitude. If you were a passenger in that jet and your pilot was taking off down the runway only giving the place 30% throttle, all kinds of things go wrong!

Ambling down leisurely down the runway taking his time is clearly not the way to get that 150,000 pound hulk of metal up into the air. As a passenger you would be freaked out because, even though you’re not an aerospace engineer, you understand that the pilot needs to give the plane 100% throttle in the first 30 seconds of take off or you are going to run out of runway and you are going to crash!

It’s a perfect picture of what happens to millions of Network Marketers. They hit the end of the runway at 30% throttle and they crash or they never even get into the cockpit and fire up the engines.

In order to be successful, you have to understand that speed is your friend and that the first 90 days after you sign up with your company is the runway of your new business. Ambling leisurely down the Network Marketing runway, dripping on your contacts every once in a while or being slow at the follow up process will not give you the momentum that you need to be successful in your new venture. Waiting to get your presentation down or becoming an expert about the products or surfing the company’s websites prohibits speed. Success loves speed! Getting enough speed for takeoff and then maintaining momentum for 90 days is a key to your success. Take the beginning of your business very seriously!

    The Speed of the Leader is the Speed of the Pack!

    The members of your team will duplicate exactly everything you think, say and do. Even your thoughts about the business will be duplicated by your people, so be very careful about the way you think. The way that you joined your company, how long you take to make that decision, how many prospects you put on your list, how many calls you make your first week, how you follow up with your prospects, how you attend training calls or events will all be duplicated by the people that you bring into your business. The people that you recruit or sponsor are consciously and subconsciously watching and imitating everything that you do as it relates to your business. Always ask yourself this questions, “Would I want the members of my team to be building their businesses like I am?”

    The Purest Form of Motivation

    The people on your team will take massive action, if they are doing one thing – rank advancing! The people on your team will quit or become inactive because of one thing – they’re NOT rank advancing! That’s why it is so important to understand that momentum is synonymous with advancing in rank! The quicker your team advances in rank, the quicker they will be making money. The quicker they make money the more motivated they will be. You very rarely have to talk people into taking action or keep giving them motivational speeches about why they shouldn’t give up and quit.

    The number one reason network marketers quit in the first 90 days of their new business is that they don’t see a return for their efforts. While there are many fringe benefits of being involved in Network Marketing: personal growth, meeting great people, learning a new industry, attending exciting and life changing events, developing a new social network, the glue that holds it all together is that each persona is making the money that they need or want to make.

    Don’t underestimate this fact. If momentum is synonymous with rank advancements, then it is also essential for every person that you bring into your organization.

    So get off the ground fast. Get in front of your warm market right away! Be positive about the people that you want to join you in your new business but don’t become too invested in any one particular person. Think of people that are ambitious, sharp, and that you have credibility.

    So, now it’s time to get into action! Network Marketing businesses are performance based. You get paid if you perform or produce something. The action that it takes to get your business profitable lies in how fast you can tell your unique story to as many people as you can. Go get em!


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