6 Strategies Everyone Pulling Double Duty Should Use

Let me ask you a question. Are you a dually? Do you have a dually on your team? Now you are asking me – what’s a dually?

A dually pulls double duty. The dictionary defines double duty as someone who is doing the work of two people. Or somebody that is filling 2 roles – like being both the cook and the waitress in a restaurant.

Our dualies are pulling double duty when they are out there killing it building their business AND work a job. Or they are single parents being both a mother and a father AND building their business and maybe working a job too!

Nascar has a race they call the Double Duty. Drivers race 500 miles in the Indianapolis 500 and then fly to North Carolina where they race in the Coca Cola 600. It is physically grueling and mentally & emotionally exhausting.

May I suggest that the dualies on your team might be experiencing similar feelings. And I challenge us to take extra time, care, & attention partnering with them. Even if it’s an inconvenient time. Many of these folks don’t have the benefit of a spouse or life partner sharing the load of building their home based business.

If you are a dually, (pardon me giving you this nickname – I have a habit of giving those I care about nicknames or pet names!) let me give you 6 strategies to help you move forward. I’ve put them in the acronym D.U.A.L.L.Y. Here we go. . .

D – Determine your financial goals. If you desire to quit your job or bring a spouse home from work – decide exactly how much money it will take. Be sure to include benefits like insurance and vacation pay.

U – Use your time wisely. If you are spending some of your precious time and moments focusing on your business, make sure you are doing ATM’s and IPA’s – Actions That Matter and Income Producing Activities. Constantly ask yourself, “Is the time I’m spending in my business moving my needle forward, or have I slipped into Management Mode?”

A – Allocate funds for Business Expenses. Calculate how much things like going to convention will cost you and budget that amount in to your weekly or monthly allocations. For example, if the event will cost you $1200 in travel, hotel, food, tickets, etc. then make sure to save and put aside $100 a month. There are very few operational costs in your business but this is a key one!

L – Lobby the support of your tribe. Your family. Your spouse. Your friends. Get them on board by talking about your goal with them. Ask them to help you by referring people and by holding you accountable to your dream and by holding your hand!

L – Look for leaders and mentors and enlist their help. Let them know what you intend to do with your business and ask them how they could best support you. Follow their lead, do what they do. You can have a mentor in life and in business and never even have met them. You can even have a mentor that isn’t alive anymore but has left a trail of books for you to learn from.

Y – Yell it! Yell your intentions from the rooftops! In the mirror when you are driving. In your journal during your morning quiet times. What you speak about, comes about!

There it is. D.U.A.L.L.Y.

If you are a dually, I want you to know that we get you. We understand some of your journey. And we have your back.images-30

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